I’m a Product Design Professional, with a background in Education, Business Administration and Human Computer Interaction. My work experience has included a variety of different industries, namely Education, Interactive and Advertising Agencies, E-Commerce, Fitness and Wellness, Legal Services,  Telecommunications, Financial Services, SaaS, Legal Services, Travel, Supply Chain, Inventory Management, Rewards Platforms and Healthcare.

As part of my career path, I’ve collaborated with teams who have deployed to market applications and software products that have been instrumental for the revenue growth of organizations, while also increasing product adoption with clients.

As a result of my work on establishing UI and UX practices and implementations, alongside Innovation methodologies, I’ve garnered patents on Application work. I’ve also been heavily ingrained in mentoring, hiring, coaching and managing designers of different experience levels across different types of organizations and industries. 

My years of experience in the Product Design World have allowed me to understand not only the intricacies of each industry I’ve worked on, but also establish lean processes which enable efficient understanding of users, markets and further cement product adoption.  It has also enabled me to develop methods & processes which allow me to successfully implement Design Thinking methodologies, anchored on a trifecta of principles, namely: Research, Iteration and Collaboration.