My name is Pedro Canhenha and I’m a Product Design Professional. This long standing website, aims to be a gateway to a series of my initiatives, including my software and application design portfolio, all of my writing endeavors on topics such as Design, Technology and Innovation, and finally, all the illustration and digital artwork I’ve done and continue to release.

My career has been shaped by a variety of experiences in different fields and industries. For over a decade I’ve consistently worked with software Organizations, implementing Design Thinking methodologies across a variety of Industries. Prior to that, my work was primarily focused on implementing Interactive Solutions for an eclectic group of clients, in the Design Agency environment. And finally, my first professional experience was in the domain of Education, teaching & training students in Interactive & UI/UX Design. My academic and professional skills are rooted in Human Centered Design, Interaction Design, Visual Design, among other disciplines that are part of the Product Design ecosystem.

Product Design Process

The array of products I’ve worked and shipped to market includes Fitness Applications, E-Commerce Mobile Driven Applications, Supply & Inventory Management Progressive Web Applications, SaaS level applications, Enterprise and Service Design Applications, Travel Booking Engines, Rewards Program Platforms, Virtual Data Rooms Applications, Virtual Conferencing Applications, Legal Services Applications with a focus on Automation & Machine Learning and also HealthCare Applications.

You can check my Product Portfolio by Clicking here and my Writing Endeavors here. Everything else, please check the contacts page for the full listing.